It’s Official: We Have Lost Our Minds

So… We live on a boat now. Or we almost do. We’ve put our home in Idaho up for sale and have bought a boat; a 52’ Island Packet 485, to be specific. I’m Nan, and with my husband, Ted, we’ve decided to jump off of dry land for a while.

Not quite two years ago, all the cosmic tumblers clicked into place (name the movie reference!) and pointed towards a new adventure. For me, looming empty-nesting (have I told you about my kids?) and teaching in post-COVID Idaho (have I told you about my kids?) had my generally restless spirit hungering for a new adventure. Combine this with watching my mother’s disappearance into late-stage dementia and her passing away in March, and you’ve got me, looking for something new. Ted had his reasons for being ready for adventure, too, but I’ll let him talk about those.
I have loved being a mom. Still do love it, though it’s truly a different experience once the kids are grown. I am so proud of the young men I’ve raised. They are loving, thoughtful and kind men. They each still have growing to do, but don’t we all? And I’m trying to be comfortable with my roll on the sidelines of their lives.

With the last of the boys leaving home, I had assumed that I would just invest myself more and more in my students. Since COVID, however, teaching has changed. Or maybe students have changed. Maybe it’s just me. Whatever the cause, while I still loved working with the students, I was finding myself completely drained by the end of the week. Sometimes before the end of the week, if I’m being truly transparent. Besides, adventure was calling.

You don’t have to know Ted and I very well to know that we like adventure, travel, and learning new things. A sailing adventure seemed to fit the bill for all of these things. We aren’t sailors. But we love to learn! We love travel. Wouldn’t it be fun to travel by sea? We like adventure. Ocean sailing here we come!

We’ve owned a few boats in our lives, from kayaks to ski & surf boats, and we spent quite a bit of time on Ted’s folks power cruiser back in the day. The idea of living aboard as a lifestyle had come up over the years. When we had fewer children, an older couple from church shared their stories of circumnavigating the globe, and we talked about doing the same for weeks afterwards. Sometimes we contemplated a houseboat, other times we wanted to buy a yacht, or maybe work as crew on one of the many ministry boats out there. But the timing wasn’t right. Until now.
About two years ago, Ted’s dad started dating a widowed friend from his youth. She and her husband of many years had a junk-rigged schooner called Batwing-named after the style of the sails. They sailed the world for fifteen years! Hearing her stories and seeing her photos was the catalyst to launching our dream.

Once we decided on a course, things started to move pretty fast. We sat down with our boys and our newly added daughter in-law and talked the idea over with the kids. They had good questions, but overall were very enthusiastic and supportive. So, we took sailing lessons and started shopping for boats. We found our ideal boat, right in Seattle! We gave notice and got to work readying the house for sale. Stay tuned for more of our story, and updates, here!