I’m With Her

Nan is the writer in the family.  I’ll occasionally have some idea pop into my head at some odd random moment while I’m busy fixing this or working on that and a story will start forming in my mind.  I can see and hear the words flow, the images conveyed are crisp and accurate, the emotional tie is present but honest.  Then, a little later, the moment is lost, the emotional connection to whatever was driving that thinking is gone, the environment has changed, and the story is lost.  Like I said, Nan is the writer in the family.

I will say that I wish I had journaled this past month.  These “new” feelings, experiences, and the chaos surrounding our lives at present has already become normal and is now the new baseline.  Some of what seemed interesting and novel a month ago has now become typical, some of it perhaps even mundane.

It’s easy for me to get sucked into my project and tasks lists.  Keeping myself busy working on something keeps me from feeling restless and unproductive.  But, if I’m really transparent, it may also be a distraction mechanism to avoid having to reflect on what’s really going on in my wee little head. 

So, that’s me.  A techy engineering type mind that likes to problem solve, to do things, nay to accomplish things, who sometimes waffles between playing to win and playing not to lose, and who can’t quite figure out if he’s an introvert or a shy extrovert. 

If any of this sounds even a little like yourself, or if you’re merely interested in seeing if this whole new lifestyle and adventure turns into a total train wreck, I hope you’ll join us on our crazy little adventure that we’re embarking on.